• GED/HSED classes
  • Certified Training Programs (C.N.A., PCW, Welding, etc.)
  • Job Skills Training classes (Internet of Things, Health Care, Manufacturing, Customer Service, etc.)
  • On-line courses (Computer, Employability Skills, Culinary, etc.)
  • Basic Education / Literacy
  • Post-Secondary education – Two years or less
  • Driver’s education

Job Search 

  • Develop / Update resume
  • Career assessment
  • Local job leads
  • Job search workshops
  • Job Retention services

Career Services Workshops

  • Career Counseling
  • Career Exploration

Work Experience

  • Unpaid work experience at non-profit and for profit businesses
  • Co-enrollment in WIOA and W2 programs for work experience opportunities
  • Co-enrollment in Senior Community Service Employment Program for paid work experience

Support Services

  • Education/training costs
  • GED/HSED tests
  • Childcare
  • Gas cards to reimburse travel for FSET activities
  • Bus tickets/taxi tickets for FSET activities
  • Work-related clothing and supplies
  • Training costs
  • Car repairs, if met the criteria for eligibility