Education & Training

Education and Training in FSET

Workforce Resource’s FSET program has connections to a wide variety of education and training opportunities. Education and Job Skills Training can help a person gain higher-wage positions and lead to a long-term career.

To be eligible, a person must be a recipient of FoodShare and be enrolled in the FSET program. If you take part in the FSET program, a career planner will work with you to develop an employment plan to meet your needs, which may include: increasing job skills/education, earning a GED or HSED certificate, getting help with support services to attend school and/or training. Training must be approved by the FSET Career Planner and incorporated into the person’s Employment Plan before funding is available. Funding is limited, so not all training requests may be approved. In some cases, we can partner with other programs, including WIOA, DVR and W-2 (if eligible) to share costs for co-enrolled customers.

This page provides information on a variety of education and training opportunities. If you are interested in a training that is not listed on this page, please be sure to talk to your Career Planner about the opportunity!

Approval Process

FSET can support short term education opportunities that are two years or less. FSET may be able to assist with educational costs including tuition, books, supplies or transportation costs. Training approval is required prior to being funded through the FSET program. A Career Planner will guide you through this process. The approval process evaluates:

Is the training for an in-demand job?

Have you demonstrated interest in this field for a career (evaluated through career assessments)?

Are you able to get to the training?

Does the FSET program have available funding?

Career Assessments

There are many career opportunities and pathways in the labor market. The best way to discover them is through a career assessment. 

Below are a variety of FREE career assessment resources to assess interests, aptitudes and more!

CareerOneStop –
Career Cluster –
Interest Profiler ONET –
My Plan –
Doctor Kit videos – — See a quick interview of individuals in a particular career pathway. The interviewees describe what they like about their job, the challenges, and the kind of preparation they need to do their work.

Skills Match:
CareerOneStop –
MySkills –
Work Values-

Personality Assessments:
Personality Test –
Big Five –

FSET-Funded Formal Assessments:
Ask your Career Planner if you would like to take a formal career assessment:
Career Scope Interest and Aptitudes Test
Career Cruising –


A High School Diploma or an equivalency diploma (GED or HSED) can help you get a good paying job or earning a workplace promotion.

Our FSET program can connect you to local GED/HSED providers. FSET can pay for your GED/HSED tests and help with transportation costs to get to and from classes. 

Online GED Options:

KET PBS Fast Forward is a free online GED preparation program for customers who want to study for the GED online. You can create a free account and begin using the online resources at any time.

GED Live is a subscription-based, certified online GED preparation course. It provides both live and recorded classroom training to prepare you for the GED test. GED tests must still be taken at a local test center. This is a good option if you want classroom style support in preparing for the GED but you are not able to go to a local GED program. You must be enrolled in FSET and approved for this option to qualify for FSET funding.  

You can check out the Official GED information Page to learn more about the GED, study options and identify the testing center closest to you.

BadgerLink’s Learning Express features GED exam preparation materials.

In-Demand Training

The following are the most in-demand careers in our local labor market that require only a short-term job skills training program.

Certified Nursing Assistant
CNAs are one of the fasting-growing employment sectors in our region. This is due in part because of the aging Baby Boomer population and because CNAs are now in demand at hospitals, clinics and many other health care areas.
For more information on the CNA program at each technical college, click the links below:

Chippewa Valley Technical College – CNA Program Page
Northwood Technical College – CNA Program Page
Northcentral Technical College – CNA Program Page

Commercial Truck Driver (Commercial Driver’s License)
There is a significant shortage of commercial truck drivers. It is a career that offers high pay and good benefits. There are both over-the-road (overnight travel) and local positions available, although there is a higher demand for over-the-road drivers.
For more information on CDL programs, click the links below:

Chippewa Valley Technical College – CDL Program Page
Northwood Technical College – CDL-B Program Page
Northcentral Technical College – Truck Driving Program Page

Our regions hava many employers who need trained welders. Technical colleges offer short-term and degreed welding programs. FSET is able to help fund the short-term programs that are not eligible for financial aid.
For more information on Welding programs, click the links below:

Chippewa Valley Technical College – Welding Program Page
Northwood Technical College – Welding Program Page
Northcentral Technical College – Welding Program Page

Quick Certifications/Licenses

Adding a license or certificate to your resume increases your job opportunities. FSET can help you gain the following quick certifications. Many can be earned in just a few hours.

Alcohol Server training is required to get your bartender license in Wisconsin and is often required for waiters/waitresses who serve alcoholic drinks.

Alcohol Seller training is required for managers and cashiers who work at a business that sells alcohol (such as a grocery store or convenience store).

Food Handler certification provides training on safe food handling practices that comply with Wisconsin law and regulations.

Food Manager trainings provide more intensive training to help workers gain the knowledge and skills necessary to be a successful manager in the food service industry. 

The following online providers have been screened by FSET. Ask your case manager if you want to enroll in one or more of these courses.

ServeSafe online training provides three key certifications. FSET can pay for these courses and the accompanying exam.
Alcohol – Safe Server Certification
Food Handler Certification
ServeSafe Manager Training

ServeLicense provides the following training courses:
Alcohol Server License
Responsible Beverage Server
Responsible Beverage Seller

Learn To Serve also offers food service and alcohol service training courses that meet Wisconsin requirements. These are:
Alcohol Server/Seller
Food Safety Manager

Online Training

There are several non-accredited online careers focused and educational training opportunities that teach basic work and soft skills.

The purpose of the training opportunities listed below is to increase your knowledge and/or abilities on a subject. Taking these classes may also help instill confidence in yourself when you’re beginning a new career or create a spark of interest in further education or training.

Course Categories: IT, Language, Sales & Marketing, Management, Health, Business, Engineering & Construction, Personal Development, Teaching & Academics, etc.

GCF LearnFree:
Topics Include:
Basic Skills: Computers, smartphones and tablets, typing tutorial, etc.
Work & Career: Career planning, resume writing, cover letters, etc.
Microsoft: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, etc.
Core Skills: Math, reading, grammar, etc.
Internet Skills: email, social media, etc.
Google: Gmail, Google Docs, etc.

Work Bloom:
Topics Include:
Job Search: Job search tips, how to stay motivated between jobs, tips on effective job applications, tips for working from home, etc.
Networking: Networking tips and etiquette, social media, tips on creating an elevator speech, information interviews, etc.
Cover Letters: tips, format, 200+ samples, common mistakes
Resume: Tips, format, templates, 300+ samples, formatting, customization, mistakes, etc.
Interviews: tips, types, process, preparation, questions, mistakes, follow up interview email, etc.

Learn 2 Type:
Free online typing lessons and ability to complete a speed test. Installation is required to run program.

Gale Courses:
Offers a wide range of interactive, instructor led courses that you can take entirely online. Courses run for six weeks and new sessions begin every month.
Topics Include:
Accounting & Finance
Computer Applications
Design and Composition
Healthcare and Medical
Language and Arts
Law and Legal
Personal Development
Teaching and Education
Writing and publishing

Access to Hundreds of Downloadable Workbooks:

Topic: Basic Computer Skills

BadgerLink’s Learning Express:
Exam Preparation for:
Air Traffic Controller
Allied Health and Social Worker
Civil Service
Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)
Culinary Arts
Electrician and Plumbing
Emergency Medical Services and Firefighting
Law Enforcement
Real Estate

To access additional FREE career focused and educational online videos, please contact your Career Planner. Examples include:
Topic: Importance of Customer Service
Topic: Communication Skills and Professionalism
Topic FISH Philosophy: Four Principles of Customer Service
Topic:Workforce Resource Virtual Hospitality Training
Respite Care Online Training from the Respite Care Association of Wisconsin

Technical Colleges

Below is a list of technical colleges within the West Central and North Central regions. Each offers a variety of short-term and degreed programs designed to move people into high-demand careers in the local labor market. Our FSET program works closely with all three schools to connect FSET customers to programs that match their career interests and goals.

Click the hyperlinks below to see details or a full listing of programs offered at each college. If you are interested in a program not listed below, please talk to your Career Planner!

Chippewa Valley Technical College –
Service area within Region 7 and 8: St. Croix, Pierce, Dunn, Chippewa, Eau Claire, Pepin, Taylor, Clark

Northwood Technical College –
Service area within Region 7 and 8: Ashland, St. Croix, Pierce, Barron, Douglas, Polk, Sawyer, Rusk

North Central Technical College –
Service area within Region 7 and 8: Taylor, Price, Clark


An apprenticeship is an “earn while you learn” program providing on-the-job training and related classroom instruction where the employer and other instructors teach the skills of the specific occupation. The classroom instruction is usually taught at an area technical college while the on-the-job portion occurs at the employer’s location. The term of training may vary from 2-5 years depending upon which occupation you are interested in.

Click the hyperlink below to review a full list of apprenticeship opportunities!

Apprenticeship in Wisconsin  

Or to reach a local Bureau of Apprenticeship Standards (BAS) representative, phone 715-874-4627 for further information.