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Transitional Jobs
Program Overview

Transitional Jobs [TJ] is person centered program that assist individuals who may have a difficult time entering the workforce, with obtaining and retaining employment.

The Workforce Resource Transitional Jobs Program helps eligible participants progress from unemployment, to assisted employment (subsidized wages), to self-sufficiency (unsubsidized wages) employment. The programs offer immediate work with pay. Each TJ eligible participant meets with a Career Planner, who helps the individual develop an employability plan with goals to lead to self-sufficiency. The program may offer job coaching, employability planning, life skills development, limited vocational training, as well as job search assistance. Additionally, participants will be eligible to receive supportive services to aid in their success.

TJ Participants will participate in a paid Orientation to assist with learning job readiness skills before starting work. Upon completion of their Orientation, they may begin either a Subsidized Work Experience or go into regular unsubsidized work.

A Subsidized (paid) Work Experience is for TJ participants who are not ready for unsubsidized employment. This provides participants with the opportunity to practice work habits and skills that are necessary to succeed in any regular job environment, including punctuality, reliability, work social skills, and more. The Work Experience providers are expected to offer an environment which generally replicates regular employment, realizing that mentoring may be needed to help the participant succeed.

To apply for TJ: Please call your local office - a Career Planner will contact you.

Workforce Resource TJ serves Barron, Chippewa, Dunn, Polk, Pierce and St. Croix counties. Click on the TJ Contacts and Locations menu option for details.